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Edison Chen's passers-by clashed
Edison Chen's passers-by clashed
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Built the tall building of 5 31 floors near residential building, do not have a light even to night, black lacquer one, Mr. Citizen fang is worried, do not have aviation warning light, in case the plane hits when flying low altitude how to do?

People worry about

What if the plane hits

Mr. Fang lives in da bai Yang south road, xi 'an city. With the development of daxing new district, five high-rise buildings have sprung up on the north side of his home."Other high-rise warning lights, one to the evening, a flash, very striking, but my north is dark, simply can not see there are several high-rise, 31 floors of tall buildings, there are more than 100 meters high, in case the plane low altitude flight, or other aircraft flew over, did not see hit the building, the consequences can not be imagined.

According to the address provided by Mr. Fang, on the morning of the 10th, the reporter came to the big poplar south road, on the north side of the road, saw the 5 high-rise buildings he said.This is the construction site of xi 'an international trade base, which is still under construction.Installation of high-level warning lights, daxing district real estate co., LTD. Office Mr Jia said: "the five buildings in the design, the lightning rod, high-level warning lights, or you must pass the audit, because it is in construction, warning lights could install, wait until the second half of this year project completion, high-level warning lights must be installed."

The idea

Warning lights shall be installed in buildings above 150 meters

What are the standards for the installation of high-rise warning lights?Niu, a staff member of northwest regional administration of civil aviation of China, said that China's civil aviation law and professional technical standards for civil aviation have clearly stipulated the installation standards of aviation warning lights: "buildings in xi 'an, as long as they are higher than 150 meters, must be equipped with aviation warning lights."

Yesterday, the reporter learned that the height of 228 meters, enjoy the reputation of the "northwest tallest building" shaanxi information building, every night, high-rise warning lights began to blink.Ms. Jiao from shaanxi jinxin industrial development company said that when designing and installing the high-rise warning lights of this building, the signal function of it as the information center was fully considered, and the circular structure of its flat top was taken into consideration.

Mr. Niu said, "the question raised by Mr. Fang is very good. If it is true that high-rise warning lights should be installed but not installed, all responsible units should install them as soon as possible.If an accident is caused by the failure to set up and turn on aviation warning lights as required, the person responsible will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with relevant laws and regulations."

People doubt

Can a low-altitude flight hit a building

Many people have a question in their mind, what is the altitude of the plane?Is it possible to crash into buildings at low altitude?Mr. Wang, an official with the northwest regional administration of civil aviation of China, said that different types of aircraft fly at different heights on the air route, ranging from more than 10,000 meters to four or five kilometers. In this case, buildings several hundred meters above the ground have little impact on aircraft flight.However, during the take-off and landing stages, the plane is very close to the ground, ranging from hundreds of meters to tens of meters. At this time, safe avoidance of obstacles is the most important thing.

The answer

The collision avoidance system helps the aircraft detect obstacles

How does an airplane avoid obstacles in the face of complex conditions in the air or on the ground?How do the planes that fly between buildings in the movies manage to avoid intimacy with buildings?To this, Mr. Wang replied with a smile, because the plane has an onboard collision avoidance system.

"In the dark sky, the owl emits an ultrasonic sound as it flies, and the echo determines whether there is an obstacle ahead. The same is true for anti-collision radar.""The airborne anti-collision system is an automatic early-warning system installed on an aircraft, which can detect other aircraft entering the protection zone of the anti-collision system through radio signals," wang said.If another aircraft is found to be flying too close to the safe flight distance, the system will automatically sound an alarm and voice prompts to rise or fall."Some of the biggest aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing and airbus, are now offering new aircraft with onboard collision avoidance systems."112

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