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Aviation obstacle light battery
Aviation obstacle light battery
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Aviation obstacle light battery options.

The energy of the sun is unstable. It is strong during the day but no energy is provided at night. However, our aviation obstacle lights generally need to work at night.

Selection principle of battery:

Store as much energy as possible from the solar panels during the day to meet the demand for electricity at night, and also consider meeting the needs of continuous rainy days. Therefore, the capacity of the battery should be matched with the box of solar modules, light source and design light intensity, etc. The battery is too small to meet the needs, too large is not easy to fill and affect the battery life, but also increase the cost.

Solar aviation obstacle light design requirements;

1. Calculate and reasonably select the voltage and power of solar cell modules (pay attention to the installation Angle when installing solar panels, and reduce the loss caused by dust for efficiency).

2. Battery capacity, charge and discharge control, battery protection.

3. Guarantee of 20 consecutive rainy days.

4. The system can save various parameters set by the user when the power is off.

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