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What are the advantages and disadvantages of overseas epidemic to foreign trade?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of overseas epidemic to foreign trade?
Date:2020-03-31    View:50
In fact, there are no absolute advantages and disadvantages, only that this year's foreign trade will be more difficult than last year... If it is really beneficial, it is that the overseas epidemic will need to purchase a large number of materials in a short period of time, so the order volume of these related protection industries and necessities such as food and daily necessities has increased dramatically. However, considering that the domestic industry has not yet resumed 100% of its production capacity, and the enterprise has not yet made the most of its production capacity, it is not necessarily a good thing that there are too many orders... It may be an opportunity for cross-border e-commerce platforms. More foreign guests staying at home may choose to buy online from China. After all, not everyone can grab goods by hoarding locally! I think the disadvantages may be more: overseas orders will slow down in the short term, and products other than necessities and epidemic prevention will be affected. There are other negative effects of reduced orders. Due to the capacity problem in China, if some products have other options, it is estimated that customers will also consider purchasing from other countries, resulting in customer churn. Once the overseas epidemic is serious, and the risk of bad debts or bankruptcy of overseas buyers is increased, the loss may surprise you. It is also the production capacity that will cause the original commodity price to skyrocket and highlight the phenomenon of looting among peers. The competition among domestic foreign trade enterprises will also intensify. The supply chain of trade enterprises will be frustrated... Once the goods can not be delivered in time or the source of goods can not be found, customers will gradually lose, that is the most terrible! Affected by the overseas epidemic, the shipping related costs will be higher, because the time of delivery after arrival will be longer than before, which will also cause port congestion, generate more terminal fees for customers, and there will be abandoned goods...
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