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Aviation lamp management system

【发表时间:2017/6/27】 【阅读次数:409】

    Aeronautical aviation obstruction light system update new products :

  The system can realize the functions of aircraft detection and air light control, and provide aviation safety services for wind farms. The system has been approved by the governments of Canada, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden prior to the approval of the United states.


The system uses a radar with a minimum scanning range of 8 km to scan the surrounding area of the wind farm. If a nearby aircraft is detected, follow its distance, speed and direction and turn on the light when necessary. When the light is switched on, the plane is closed as soon as the plane is away from the designated area.


Vestas said, InteliLight system to replace the original obstacle avoidance system, is currently the only direct integration in wind turbine equipment, and designed for wind farm design aircraft detection lighting system that can be deployed in new and in wind farm project operation.

   Let's wait and see!


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