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Changsha high temperature !

【发表时间:2017/7/25】 【阅读次数:330】
Yesterday, the province appeared more than 40 degrees Celsius high temperature, Changsha has reached 39 degrees celsius. Meteorological Department expects the next few days, some parts of Hunan will reach 41 degrees Celsius, Changsha will usher in 40 degrees of high temperature.


Shortly before the afternoon of the afternoon, thunderstorms and severe convective weather did not change the signs of hot weather. Yesterday, the province's average maximum temperature reached 37.7 degrees Celsius, and more than 40 degrees of high temperature. The provincial meteorological observatory is expected next week, the province will maintain fine and hot weather, most areas of highest temperature 36 to 38 DEG C; the strongest period of eastern and northern parts of local 40 to 41 DEG C.


According to the Changsha Meteorological Observatory, sunny weather is expected today, with temperatures ranging from 29 to 38 degrees celsius. It is important to note that the maximum temperature in Changsha this week, Thursday and Friday is likely to exceed 40 degrees centigrade.  Facing the hot weather, our company Hunan YuanSheng electronics co., LTD  also planning action .


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