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Inspectors obstacle lights

【发表时间:2017/8/1】 【阅读次数:378】
            The newspaper news to protect the city night aviation obstruction lights safety, before the Municipal Housing Bureau, the District Construction Bureau, Chuanshan District Housing Construction Bureau, logistics park housing construction bureau, Civil Aviation Flight University of Suining branch of the relevant person in charge of the city within the scope of high buildings with air to carry out the work of the inspectors obstacle lights.


It is reported that the inspector group randomly selected some high-rise buildings in urban areas, the installation of Aeronautical barriers to the roof of the field inspection. Most of the super high buildings have completed the installation of obstacle lights, and the rest of the buildings need to be added to the installation stage. From the inspector's situation, the shipping area and the opening area of the disabled light installation work faster and better, the opening area of the installation of lamps higher standards, installation requirements strict, standardized.


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