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membrane special material for solar pannel

【发表时间:2017/8/29】 【阅读次数:276】

Reporters learned from the Liaoyang Petrochemical Industries Co, the company successfully achieved solar panels, membrane special material for industrial production, to fill the gap in the production of this product in the country.

Liaoyang Petrochemical has been committed to product differentiation, high-end and branding, improve value-added products. In the successful development of BG60, MA100, MA101 film grade polyester products, the company

started in March this year the relevant test, tissue engineering and technical personnel carefully formulated to plan, scientifically determine the process parameters, to overcome the difficulties, to break foreign technical barriers,

successfully developed solar energy special material back grade of BG60T film.This product not only has the water vapor barrier, ordinary polyester membrane electrical insulation properties, good dimensional stability, damp heat aging

resistance, and also has the characteristic of high reflectivity, can greatly improve the conversion efficiency of solar energy. The industrialization of this product has not only broken the situation of long-term dependence on imports

in China, but also laid a solid foundation for the development of Liaoyang Petrochemical to membrane polyesters, functional polyesters and high-end polyesters.


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