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perovskite solar cells

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Shanghai Jiaotong University 11 outgoing information, "nature" (Nature) published online research results of State Key Laboratory of metal matrix composite

materials School of materials science and engineering professor Han Liyuan team: a new approach to the use of more economic security, prepare a large area

of Perovskite Thin films thinner than Chanyi dozens of times, to achieve large-scale low cost solar an important step of power generation.

The current widespread use of photoelectric materials in solar cell is the silicon material, silicon solar photovoltaic energy conversion efficiency is higher, but its

cost is also high, but also need to consume a large amount of fossil energy in the production process, chemical and environmental pollution. On the cost of electricity,

it would be difficult to achieve large-scale applications without national policy support.

"In fact, perovskite materials applied in photovoltaic technology for the first time in 2009, just a few years time, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells

has perovskite laboratory breakthrough, its photovoltaic energy conversion efficiency has soared to 22.1%, more than the level of efficiency of multicrystalline silicon

solar cells, while the cost of electricity is lower than that of silicon solar cells. Therefore, perovskite solar cells have been evaluated as the most promising and promising

photovoltaic technology for low cost power generation in photovoltaic research." Han Liyuan introduction.


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