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solar power generation prospect

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"Compared with ten years ago, the cost of solar power generation has been reduced by more than 85%, and solar power generation has replaced traditional thermal power generation." Recently, in the Nanjing Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce overseas friendship and cooperation forum, experts said that China and the US are both energy consuming countries, while Jiangsu is a large province of photovoltaic industry.

Chinese Photovoltaic Industry Association, Changzhou Trina Solar company mister gaojifan told reporters, 10 years ago, because the technology is not mature, plus a large number of enterprises rushing headlong into the global PV industry suffered winter". In recent years, with the use of new technologies and new materials, the cost of solar power generation is getting lower and lower, which brings opportunities for the revival of the photovoltaic industry. The use of solar energy, clean and pollution-free, is the direction of the future to obtain energy. It has been calculated that if part of the desert in Xinjiang is turned into a photovoltaic production base, its power generation can meet the national demand for electricity. In Africa, there are still 1 billion 400 million people live without power of life, and inexhaustible, inexhaustible solar energy is everywhere, if we can reduce the cost of solar power, let these poor areas with photoelectric, will be able to further solve the problem of poverty in them, but also further promote regional and world economic development.

Experts at the meeting introduced that the EU proposed that electricity could be completely carbonized by 2050, and China's goal was to come from 2/3 energy from solar energy to clean energy by 2050. Since 2011, the new installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in China has been the first in the world for 4 years, and it has become the largest country in the global photovoltaic power installed capacity.


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