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aviation obstruction lights installer

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Mouting aviation obstruction light at 262 meters high

He was not afraid of fear

Cui Mingjun is the "post-90s" electrician in the Xiamen Manager Department of the China Construction three Bureau three company installation branch. Don't look at his young age, in fact, has been employed for 5 years, has accumulated rich experience, "was the site for outdoor aerial candidates, I am young, supple, also not afraid of heights...... Finally, it was selected. He had previously installed an aviation obstruction light for a residential building. Install the obstacle lights in the 262 meter high Xinglin Bay Business Center building 12, set a new high since he employed in outdoor work.

"After doing a good job of safety measures, stand on the periphery of the top floor of the cement table. The first feeling is that the scenery is really beautiful." Cui Mingjun recalled the scene at that time and said he was not afraid. He is really scared, next to the 39 floor, with his colleague Guo Zhengzhao sitting in the car window, the wind blows, the basket began to shake. "There are a few moments, do not know how suddenly news high-altitude fall accidents, was still a little scared." Cui Mingjun said, however, that he thought of multiple safety measures in his own body, and was soon calm.

According to the company's requirements, installation of aviation obstacle lights, can not drop anything, otherwise hit the ground, easy to cause an accident. To this end, Cui Mingjun and his colleagues worked together, one to take holes, installation, and the other to do a good job of collecting.

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