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In the context of the Sino US trade war, the "China core" has become the hottest topic in front of us. The national integrated circuit industry fund (large fund) has set sail to make coverage for every key link in design, manufacturing, sealing and material equipment. The aim is to improve the competitiveness of the integrated circuit industry, and to sawing the Chinese and American science and technology. The technical strength should be avoided in every key technical link.

In recent 20 years, what is the short board for the development of the integrated circuit industry? At the same time, trying to stop the ZTE event, we hope that in the future technology industry, we can gradually bring back the dominant power and meet the start of this trade war, and we can have enough counter system in our hands.

Will "China core" be a passionate performance at that time? Or the full start of the pain of determination? At this time, we are standing on the tip of the historical opportunity, and DeepTech will hold the Beijing summit of "one core and a crystal into crystal" in June 2, 2018, bringing together dozens of elites in the global semiconductor industry to explore the opportunities and direction of the breakthrough.

According to the statistics, in 2017, in the $400 billion purchase amount of global semiconductor, China accounted for $250 billion, which is the second only to crude oil, but the semiconductor chip self-made rate is still very low. It is a problem to be solved at present and the purpose of the foundation of the big fund.
The go

vernment has also focused on the semiconductor industry as a policy focus, and the Ministry of finance has announced a tax exemption or tax reduction program for semiconductor companies. It is hoped that the semiconductor industry will gradually enter the goal of self-sufficiency since 2018.


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