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Why do we still fail to build chips, and HUAWEI and Ali are doing their best? What is the reason

【发表时间:2018/5/8】 【阅读次数:303】
This matter has to begin with the "ZTE event" before this matter, this matter was passed on the Internet before it was really boiling, and it was very moving to tell the story with his own point of view. So it led to many statements. Now ZTE has been banned by the United States for 7 years and has entered a "state of shock". How to solve the problem, let the Chinese people worry about the state of China's core industry, especially in the field of chips, it is necessary to know that in the high-tech industry, the chip should be the core, because the needs of the technology is stronger, not the ordinary people can do it.

We should know that China is the semiconductor consumer market in the world, with a large population and strong ability to fly, and there is no way. Last year, the number of imported chips has reached 230 billion US dollars. It has already stood hundreds of billions of dollars higher than the oil high. This is really weak, and now there is no company that has this ability. At the time of disappointments and disagreements, Ni Guangnan, the president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, published his views on this matter: now our country faces two major difficulties, one, the manufacturing aspect, the two, the ecological face,

For the field of chip manufacturing, it needs a lot of money, but now we have a serious shortage of money, no one is willing to put their money into such an industry such as the lack of talent, the long profit cycle, the large probability of failure, this sentence I also want to think, it is not wrong, but to think back, this is my motherland, this technique The operation is the lack of our country now, why can not the people do not have a little force, make up for the strength of the capital, our country so many people, in spite of the small series of resolute support, hope the motherland release activities, I want to donate, although my personal funds are limited, but if the people of the people are a little hard, maybe it is too simple.

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