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Other functions of photovoltaic panels in summer

【发表时间:2018/7/31】 【阅读次数:382】

 In summer, the average temperature in some areas is 35 degrees C, but the house after the installation of photovoltaic power generation system,

 in the most high temperature weather, the top room temperature is about 6 degrees lower than that of the original. Using photovoltaic power

 generation, not only saves electricity purchased from the grid, but also saves air conditioning energy by cooling, to achieve double energy saving


"The roof'covered'with a layer of photovoltaic panels, but also to avoid the roof tiles wind, rain and sunshine, for roof protection also has a certain role."

 Cooling and "protecting" roofs are just "side effects" of photovoltaic panels, whose real function is to generate electricity and convert solar energy into 


It is understood that most of the houses on the roof of the village are installed photovoltaic panels, the photovoltaic project will be officially started, then 

the village can send 250 thousand degrees a year, and the villagers a year of electricity consumption in a total of only 100 thousand degrees. The villagers

 can use electricity free of charge, and the surplus will be converted into the income of the village.


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