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The prospect of offshore wind power

【发表时间:2018/8/7】 【阅读次数:433】

Offshore wind power development prospects may or will become a new driving force for wind power generation.

Unlike the pyrotechnics of photovoltaic power generation, the speed of wind power construction in China has been declining

in recent years, and the installed capacity of wind power in 2017has reached a new low in recent five years. At the same time,

China's offshore wind power has sprung up, and its installed capacity has been growing rapidly for 5 consecutive years, and it has

leapt to third of the world's total.

China's offshore wind power started late and developed rapidly, but it is facing fierce competition from other new energy sources

such as land wind power and photovoltaic power generation with lower cost. At the 2018 summit of the sea wind power leaders

held recently, the experts expressed that in the next stage of the development of China's offshore wind power, we must get rid

of the subsidy dependence as soon as possible through technological innovation and scale development, and accelerate the

development of the industry through a market-oriented way.


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