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The three largest market for LED industry will growth at 2018

【发表时间:2018/8/28】 【阅读次数:371】

In 2018,LED small spacing displays will have a more competitive and broader market. 2018, the best way is to

show the market. Because of the reduction of the distance between the LED display panels, the high definition

performance exceeding the market expectation is obtained, which makes the application scope more and more

wide and the competitiveness more and more strong. As far as price is concerned, by the end of 2017, the chip

price reduction will be the "startup gun" to reduce the price of LED small-space displays. Therefore, high

definition and low price will enable LED small spacing display to expand in the market.

From the macro environment, transparent screen will have greater development in 2018. First of all, because of

the country's beautiful cities, indoor installations and outdoor display of transparent screens have become the

preferred owners.
Secondly, the integration of LED display and environment has brought huge market share. Glass curtain wall is a

transparent screen, widely used in shop windows, buildings, buildings, as long as the glass needs to be

exaggerated can be displayed, can be competent.
Fresh air door in landscape lighting market
Landscape lighting has become a new market outlet for LED industry. In fact, due to the implementation of

relevant national policies and the rise of night tourism economy, urban landscape lighting projects are gradually

put on the agenda, and even become a symbol in the eyes of many urban planners.


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