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Comparison of lead-acid batteries, lithium ion batteries, Ni MH batteries, each advantage

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Lead-acid batteries for lithium batteries

1. rechargeable battery

2. cycle life (500 times - 400 times)

3. specific energy (150W. H/kg - 40W. H/kg)

4. charging time (2 ~ 4H - 6~8h)

5. Discharge power efficiency (lithium battery discharge efficiency can be greater than 90% - lead-acid battery discharge efficiency is more than 80%)

6. price (higher 24V/10Ah price: around 700 yuan - lower 24V/12Ah price: 200 yuan or so).

7. the volume (small lithium ion battery volume is 2/3 of lead-acid battery volume).

8. weight (light weight only 1/3 to 1 / 4 of lead-acid battery weight weight)

9. Extension mileage (the same size of batteries, lithium batteries are composed of multiple batteries, although a single discharge efficiency, but overall efficiency is reduced, so the mileage of the two batteries are equal)

10. Pollution in production and use (pollution in production - there are a lot of lead and acid in lead-acid batteries, which will pollute the environment if not properly treated after waste).

11. discharge (susceptible to deep discharge and short circuit damage - vulnerable to deep discharge).

12. charging and maintenance (complex, high maintenance cost - simple, low maintenance cost)

Ni MH batteries have no advantage in addition to replacing 1.5V dry cells with low voltage.


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