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China National Day holidays

【发表时间:2018/10/2】 【阅读次数:351】

The expressway continues to carry out the release without lifting the card. If the driver enters the freeway at non-free time and receives 

an IC card, the vehicle is still free of charge when leaving the freeway. However, IC cards need to be returned through high-speed toll

 channels at the next high speed. Remind the driver from the ETC lane into the high-speed, must be from the ETC Lane out of the high-speed,

 otherwise may cause inconvenience when the next use of ETC.

According to the provincial transportation department forecast, this year's National Day holiday export volume will reach 2.6 million vehicles,

 twice the normal flow, peak days may be close to or exceed 3 million vehicles. Congestion will be transferred from toll station to highway 

mainline, service area and city link. Normalization of congested roads is expected to aggravate the situation.


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