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The weather turned cool

【发表时间:2018/10/9】 【阅读次数:352】

  The cold air has continued to affect the Middle East region, and the whole country has experienced "big diving" from north

 to south.Influenced by the cold air, many places have welcomed the coldest day in the second half of the year, and some

 parts of Northeast.China even have moderate to heavy snow. Many netizens sigh that they have experienced the seasonal

 change of "short sleeves,autumn trousers, down jackets" in a short time.

On the 8th, the late autumn festival "cold dew" arrived, which is also the earliest "cold" in the 24 solar terms. Some 

meteorologists say that if White Dew is the transition from hot to cool, cold dew is the transition from cool to cold.

In recent days, the weather conditions across the country are also making people in many areas feel "cold" in the

 autumn.The weather in Changsha also turned cool, Hunan YuanSheng electronics co., LTD Work hours will be

 adjusted appropriately.


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