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Storage battery during the winter season

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Water storage battery should pay attention to the level of battery liquid and the density of battery liquid. On the front of

the rechargeable battery, there are two calibration lines, the top one is the highest level line, the bottom one is the lowest

level line. When it is found that the level of the battery liquid is lower than the lowest level line, distilled water should be

added to supplement the battery liquid in time, but it should be noted that the position of the battery liquid must be

controlled between the highest level line and the lowest level line, exceeding the highest level line, the damage to the

battery is also very great. Maintenance-free batteries are smaller, more shock-resistant and heat-resistant than water-filled

batteries, but cost more and the voltage is relatively unstable. Maintenance free maintenance battery is simpler and faster,

and only needs to be judged by magic eye. When the magic eye is green, it means the batteries are normal together;

when the magic eye is black, it means the batteries need to be charged; when the magic eye is white, you need to replace

your batteries.

It is possible for any battery to freeze in winter. Adding excessive distilled water to the batteries leads to the decrease of the

 density of the batteries, which leads to the freezing of the batteries. If the temperature is too low in winter and the battery

 is frozen, just remove it and take it to a higher temperature for the ice to melt.


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