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New perovskite solar cells: conversion rate of 18.1%

【发表时间:2018/11/6】 【阅读次数:283】

   Recently, perovskite solar cells have obtained new research progress. Academician Huang Wei and Professor Wang Jianpu of the Overseas Talents Buffer Base (Advanced Materials Research Institute) of Nanjing University of Technology have prepared high crystallinity and low defect quasi-two-dimensional perovskite films using 3-bromoaniline.

It is known that the upper layer of the film is a highly oriented three-dimensional perovskite component. Its small bandgap and low exciton binding energy can realize the utilization of low-energy solar photons and high-efficiency charge separation. The bottom of the film is a vertically grown broad band perovskite component, which is conducive to efficient charge transfer. Based on this unique structure of Perovskite Thin film, a quasi-two-dimensional perovskite solar cell with power conversion efficiency of 18.2% has been realized. The unpackaged devices aged for 2400 hours at 40% relative humidity, and the efficiency remained 82% of the initial value.

More importantly, the parameters of the unpackaged devices immersed in water for 60 seconds have hardly changed, showing excellent water stability. In addition, the device can also work well as a LEDs, and the external quantum efficiency can reach 3.85%. Under atmospheric conditions, the unpackaged devices have a life of 96 hours at 200 mA cm-2 high current density, setting a world record for the stability of perovskite light emitting diodes.

The results show that quasi-two-dimensional perovskite materials based on 3-bromoaniline are expected to achieve high efficiency and stability of perovskite optoelectronic devices, and precise control of perovskite film growth is one of the key factors to achieve this goal.


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