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Forecast of development trend of solar wafer industry

【发表时间:2018/11/13】 【阅读次数:390】
Technical prediction

In single crystal ingot technology, due to the lower cost of Czochralski and enough to meet the purity requirements of photovoltaic cells, it is expected that a large proportion of Czochralski will continue to be used in the future. However, if the future single crystal high efficiency battery is becoming the mainstream gradually, the proportion of zone melting method will also increase.
In the slicing technology, the current mainstream is still Surry-based, and Diamond wire has gradually become popular due to the advantages of higher efficiency. The OFwee solar photovoltaic research team predicts that the market share of WEDM will exceed that of mortar cutting by 2025.

The main single crystal silicon wafer enterprises in China have completed the introduction of WEDM technology, and Poly-silicon wafer leader Poly Xiexin has also begun to introduce diamond cutting technology. Generally speaking, the technological differences of silicon wafer links are not large, and Chinese enterprises that win by quantity will still be able to occupy the forefront of the world in the next few years.

Application prediction

At present, the main obstacle of using WEDM in polycrystalline silicon wafer cutting is that the reflectivity of polycrystalline silicon wafer is higher, and the conventional polycrystalline velveteening process is difficult to achieve good results. To solve this problem, the main technology path is the adoption of black silicon technology in battery segment. If large-scale mass production of black silicon batteries is achieved, the application of diamond wire will again widen the cost gap between polycrystalline and single crystal at the silicon wafer end.
With the promotion of Diamond Line Slice + Black Silicon technology in the field of polycrystalline, the price of components will decrease significantly on the basis of 10% reduction in cost, which will promote the reduction of the cost of the whole system and accelerate the arrival of the next decade's "fair access" cycle in the photovoltaic industry.


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