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Beginning with beacon lights, the navigational support capability is becoming stronger and stronger.

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"At that time, beacon facilities in coastal ports were relatively weak. As ships approached the port, the crew took telescopes to search for the beacon. On the dark sea, only one bright spot with a big needle could be seen. That's the original beacon." Talking about the development of China's coastal navigation marks in the early period of reform and opening up, Zheng Ping, former deputy director of the Maritime Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, recalled with deep emotion, "In 1984, the Ministry of Transport put forward the work goal of 'making navigation marks into chains'. With the efforts of several generations of beacon operators, the number of beacon lights in coastal areas of China has increased and their efficiency has been enhanced. Other navigation aids have also been developed and seafarers'sense of security has been enhanced.

According to the demand of navigation mark development, our country began to introduce advanced navigation mark technology and equipment from abroad, optimized and imported advanced navigation mark equipment one after another, installed in important parts of main coastal waterways and important port waters, made the coastal navigation mark really bright, effectively guaranteed the safety of navigation of ships at home and abroad in our sea area.
"In the 1990s, on the basis of perfect layout and basic coverage, Chinese navigation aids began to improve their technology." In Zheng Heping's view, China's navigation mark construction has entered the three stages of "introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation". He introduced: "Through digestion, absorption and innovation, relevant navigation mark operation and maintenance departments and scientific research and production units have been able to produce all kinds of navigation mark facilities with the same performance and technical indicators as similar products in China. Some technological inventions have reached the advanced level in the world, such as the large-scale intelligent beacon rotary lamp.
The application of new light sources, new energy sources, new materials and new technologies further improves the reliability of navigation aids. "Early beacons used bulky batteries and incandescent bulbs, and later light-emitting diodes and solar photovoltaic systems. This not only guarantees the service life, energy saving and environmental protection of the navigation mark, but also improves the work efficiency. It also provides conditions for the installation of other navigation aids and remote control.


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