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Helicopter light, Navigation Lantern 4000m Wireless Remote Control

【发表时间:2019/3/5】 【阅读次数:127】

1 >. Working Voltage: DC12V

2 >. Working frequency: 900MHZ
3 >. Distance 4000 meters: Use Wireless Module + Power Amplifierr, it is farther than 3000 meters remote controller on the market. 4000 meters is the theoretical distance.
4>. High sensitivity:  sensitivity -120~-121dBm dBm, sensitivity and anti-jamming ability are used for signal reception. Super regeneration on supermarket surface and ordinary superheterodyne module are used for remote control, and the remote control distance is longer and more stable.
5>. It has the functions of general on/off and centralized control: the receiving board can be equipped with remote controllers with multiple keys to realize one key full on/another key full off, and centralized control can realize one control multi/multi control one.
6>. Charging Voltage: 85-380VAC, or 48VDC (customizable).
7>. Work mode user adjusts at will: user can modify self-locking, automatic

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