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Synchronization Mode of Aviation obstruction light

【发表时间:2019/3/12】 【阅读次数:111】

Our synchronization methods include the following three types:

1. Synchronization signal line synchronization. Two core wires have the advantage of stabilization and low cost, and only one signal line is needed in series.
2. GPS synchronization, long-distance, no matter where the corner, but each aviationobstruction lights need a GPS module, increase the cost.
3. If it is an aviation obstruction light of AC or DC products, we can also use synchronization control box to control synchronization. For example, our CB04O.
4. Wireless synchronization controller is synchronized, within 4KM distance. Similarly, each solar obstruction light needs wireless receiving module, but it can monitor each lamp and output alarm signal
Usually used for solar obstruction lights).

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