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How to distinguish the quality of aviation obstacle lights?

【发表时间:2019/5/14】 【阅读次数:27】
Good aviation obstacle lights first:

1. The lampshade will not break. If the lampshade is broken, it shows that the lampshade has poor impact resistance, UV resistance and weather resistance. In the north, outdoor lighting is vulnerable to hail attacks and long-distance transportation.

2. When the lamp is free to fall at 1.5 meters, the lamp can still work properly when it is connected to the power supply of the lamp.

3. Pour sulfuric acid or weak acidic water directly outside the lamp. (imitate acid rain and salt spray test) If the quality of external protective paint of the lamp is poor, the lamp body is directly damaged. The lamp has a short service life in some areas with serious pollution or coastal areas in China.

4. Use 180V-260V power supply to directly connect the aeronautical obstacle lamp. If the lamp works normally, it means that the working voltage range of the lamp is wide. Long life (voltage instability in some parts of China). The lamp of poor quality burns out in 20 minutes during high voltage test.

Users can detect the quality of Aeronautical obstacle lights in a short time by using this experimental method.

In addition, lamp of poor quality can not be used in 85 degree oven for 30 minutes. It can not be used on chimney at all.

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