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The impact of trade wars

【发表时间:2019/6/4】 【阅读次数:64】
Huawei/OPPO vendors praise the new precision rotation vacation for three months

Jerong Technological Controller Ex-husband Company

According to a notice from Dongguan Yumingxin Precision Technology Co., Ltd., the business of our company has been seriously affected by the Sino-US trade war. According to the company's research and decision, all departments need to reduce the actual situation according to the company's orders, and have taken part in batch holidays. The duration of the holidays is not more than six months. First, we will grant them in batches according to three months. Please cooperate actively and spend the time together.

During the holidays, according to the Guangdong Provincial Wage Payment Regulations, the standard of wage payment during the holidays is as follows: the first month of the holidays pays wages according to the normal working hours, and the second month pays subsistence allowance according to 80% of the minimum wage standard in Dongguan.

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