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China National Day

【发表时间:2017/10/3】 【阅读次数:405】

      Voices Online October 2nd news (reporter Wang Xi) this morning, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police on duty leadership issued a National Day holiday on the first day of the road traffic security. The reporter learned that the province's highway traffic reached 3 million 240 thousand times, over the history of single day peak.

From yesterday 9 onwards, the province ushered in peak travel. During the period, leading to Changzhutan, Yueyang, Yiyang, Changde, Zhangjiajie, Hengyang and other cities of major provinces, highways and highway traffic increased significantly. Especially long high east west direction, Beijing high-speed south to north direction, long Shao Lou high-speed east to west direction, Shanghai Kunming high-speed east to west to the other sections, due to heavy traffic, more traffic is slow, because the road traffic police control in place, orderly.

According to statistics, around the toll station, Changsha West toll station entrance total traffic reached 84 thousand times, compared with the previous day rose 11.8%. The border with Guangdong, Xiao Tang nanfeng'ao provincial toll station entrance total traffic reached 55 thousand times and 28 thousand times respectively, compared with the previous day rose 14.1%, 2.4%; bordering Hubei yanglousi, bordering Jiangxi provincial stone goldfish toll station entrance total traffic reached 31 thousand times, 39 thousand times more. The day before the rise of 135.2% and 53.3% respectively. Up to now, there has not been a death, more than 3 large traffic accidents, no growth time, a large range of traffic jams.

The same day, the province's police system all the police posts, to ensure smooth regulation. Police were dispatched 24350 people (including 10516 police, 13834 auxiliary police officers), police dispatched 7632 times, start the enforcement of traffic police station 351, set up temporary duty point 813; were released through the media of information 12807, to two off a dangerous key driver traffic safety tips to send SMS 101 thousand, illegal "taking photos at hand 11 thousand.


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