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Low power GPS module

【发表时间:2017/11/7】 【阅读次数:402】
Ultra low power GPS module Low power design of circuits and systems has always been an important factor to be considered in the design of electronic engineering technicians. No wonder many manufacturers pay attention to the low power consumption problem of GPS modules. Understand the engineer must know the GPS module, power module GPS values are generally not high, the power consumption of GPS module SKYLAB R & D and production values are only in the dozens of mA belong to low power module, which is the lowest power consumption value SKYLAB Jun to introduce 3 ultra low power GPS module: SKG08A, SKG09A, SKG09D. GPS module is divided into single module and multi-mode combination, or according to the different application areas are divided into intelligent wearable GPS module, vehicle gauge GPS module, UAV GPS module and widely used industrial GPS module. [SKYLAB R & D and production of GPS according to the receiver type is divided into GPS/BDS/GLONASS/GALILEO multi system navigation module, high performance and high performance ROM GPS module GPS module SKG08A, SKG09A] is a kind of high performance GPS module, SKG09D belongs to the GPS/BDS/GLONASS/GALILEO system and positioning module. Analysis of market application of low power GPS module In the foregoing, Mr. SKYLAB mentioned that low power design has always been an important factor to be considered in the design of electronic engineering technicians. In practical applications, low power consumption makes modules easy to incorporate into portable devices such as navigators, mobile phones, cameras, and vehicle navigation systems. As we know the smart phone, for example, endurance is also an important indicator to measure whether the phone is excellent or not. Too many mobile phone power consumption program, positioning module with low power consumption become the preferred design engineer. SKYLAB for low power consumption market pain point, developed a variety of mA low power consumption positioning module, SKG09D is one of them, the power value of 100mA. Our solar aviation obstruction light because of the weak solar system, more low-power GPS is needed!

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