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LED lights compare energy-saving lamps

【发表时间:2017/11/21】 【阅读次数:328】

LED lights and energy-saving lamps in addition to the different principles of light, in environmental protection, energy saving, service life, stability is also very significant difference. Compared with energy-saving lamps, LED is more energy efficient.

The energy consumed by LED is twenty-five percent of the energy-saving lamps, because the ordinary energy-saving lamps still consume part of the electric energy into heat energy, while the LED lamps do not have this problem. The service life of LED lamps is longer, and the service life of qualified LED bulbs can reach ten thousand to twenty thousand hours, while the same energy saving lamp has a service life between six thousand and ten thousand hours.

LED lights are more environmentally friendly. Mercury is one of the indispensable luminescent materials for energy-saving lamps. With the increase of the use time, the sealing of energy-saving lamps will appear gaps, in which the Mercury will volatilize into the air, causing air pollution. LED lights have no such problems, the use of safety and environmental protection. LED lamp is far superior to energy saving lamp in earthquake resistance and lightning protection performance. The influence of the continuous switch caused by voltage instability on the LED lamp is far less than that of the energy-saving lamp.

And if the energy saving lamp is switched frequently, the service life will be greatly reduced. At present, one of the major reasons that hinder the promotion of LED is that the price is too expensive. For ordinary users, the service life, energy saving and environmental protection can not be directly observed, and only the price can be intuitively perceived. However, considering the advantages of the above LED lights, the cost of installation is acceptable. After all, the service life is so long, and it is not easy to be stable. In the long run, it is more cost-effective than buying energy-saving lamps


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