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Wind power in Hunan

【发表时间:2018/1/9】 【阅读次数:329】
The effect of industrial cluster in Hunan province. Manufacturer of wind power machine to China wind power, XEMC, 31 can be represented in South Africa, survey and Design Institute, Hunan Electric Power Design Institute as the representative of the wind power design consulting agency, enterprise of wind power construction in Hunan power plant, Hunan construction as the representative, with Huadian, Huaneng Power Group for five on behalf of the investors and enterprises in Zhuzhou wind power parts motor, times new materials as the representative of the Hunan gathering, the formation of industrial cluster effect good.

The research and development of wind power technology is breaking through. In Zhuzhou the rail traffic has accumulated a mature development experience into wind turbine products, has a strong competitive advantage in high altitude and low wind market, is the industry standard "high altitude wind turbine technology guide" "low speed wind turbine selection guide" the only whole Cenbian units; Hunan electric wind with the leading 5MW offshore wind turbine technology, with advanced level of direct drive permanent magnet wind power group; 31 can use long leaf technology, ultra-high tower technology and cylinder blade anti deicing technology, put forward the low wind speed leaf intelligent control solutions, provides a new idea for the development of the mountain wind electricity. Zhuzhou times new material is South China's largest wind turbine R & D and production enterprises, in the blade design, molding process, technology and equipment, with a strong technological advantage and material technology research and development; two design institute contributed a lot in the South Lu Shangchao mountain wind power low-speed planning and design, project general contracting and construction operations and other aspects; Central South University, Hunan University has undertaken a number of wind power research projects, a number of proprietary technology has been applied to wind power equipment, and booster station "T" shaped structure, automatic reactive power compensation of wind power and solar power generation system, tower foundation reinforcement technology and a number of utility model patent device in wind farm.

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