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GPS for aviation obstruction lights

【发表时间:2018/3/27】 【阅读次数:361】

   The international ultra low power GPS module and the low power and high anti-interference multi line free configuration large capacity computer chip are used.

The lamp device is designed with an integrated structure. All the functional modules are built in, without any other auxiliary parts. The light device is easy to use and

it can work automatically as long as it is connected to the power supply. In a variety of flash light, any kind of light quality can automatically synchronize flash.

Compared with other synchronous flashing aviation obstruction lights, it has excellent power saving, long distance and simple wiring.

  The lamp is widely used in bridges, urban high-rise buildings, radio and TV and microwave communication towers, power industry towers and chimneys, as well

as building facilities around airports, which require high urban buildings. Ensure safety.


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