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china solar energy project

【发表时间:2016/2/21】 【阅读次数:1433】

     February 20, reporters learned from Faku County Government, in the first half of this year, China Huadian Group Shenyang Jinshan Energy Co., Ltd. will use Faku County triple city reservoir, Jianshanzi reservoir, Niuqibao reservoir and stone Lizi reservoir surface, inland beaches, ponds water construction of large-scale fisheries solar photovoltaic power station.


PV power plant project phased implementation, the planned total installed capacity of 300 thousand kilowatts, with a total investment of 2 billion 500 million yuan or more, the design annual power generation capacity of 400 million yuan, annual output value of yuan. PV photovoltaic power generation project is to be arranged in the water above the surface, the upper layer for solar power generation, the lower level for the aquaculture of new photovoltaic systems engineering. Photovoltaic components to achieve clean energy power generation, and ultimately into the national grid.


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