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CB04I Control Panel Indoor Type

CB04I is a microprocessor indoor obstruction light control panel device for monitoring and controlling obstruction lights, mostly for telecom, GSM, Microwave and TV towers.

Connected with external photocell, the control panel will turn on/off automatically obstruction lighting system from dusk to dawn. Even at day time, the control panel is still in monitoring status.

CB04I obsrtruction light controller can be preprogrammed for different obstruction lighting configurations.Each branch of maximum power output of 40W, this product uses the current detection, a common alarm relay output.



Supply voltage

AC110V ~ AC240V;DC48V;24VDC


50Hz ~ 60Hz

Power consumption Flash rate


Photocell sensitivity

30-70 lux (optional)


20-60 times/min (optional)

Ambient temperature

-30℃ ~ +60℃





Functions & Features
• Switch on / off lights simultaneously 
• Failure instruction function, there are corresponding indicator shows when any of light failed. 
• Instruction or alarm failure (optional) 
• Alarm signal output, can connect to other external alarm devices (optional) 
• Steady-burning and flashing mode adjustable by DIP switch
• Auto/manual mode by DIP switch
• Photocell with prewired shielded cable in five meters long
• The controller is indoor type (out-door type available upon request) 

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