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YSL50-high solar marine navigation light


     YSL50-high solar marine navigation light uses a unique constant current method has accurate constant current, ultra high efficiency at the same time the flicker frequency adjustable, Steady-burning or flashing is adjustable  intensity is adjustable, adjustable (open after the lampshade can be adjusted) 485 synchronous or wireless synchronization can be customized  YSL50-high is the self-contained and care-free light unit. Also, with the solar function, the light is easy to deploy to almost any condition and any emergency case. Robust body built and surface coating provides good protection against hash environments.YSL50-high is equipped with an high-efficiency rechargeable battery which could power the light up to 7 days when the weather is cloudy & rainy. The rechargeable battery is also easy to find almost anywhere.

• High-rise building marking
• Telecom tower marking
• Road obstruction marking
• Navigation aid
• Port, dock entrance & walkway
• Buoy marking
• Offshore gas & oil platform




International standard

                                             ICAO: N/A

                                              FAA : N/A


Flashning>500cd or steady>32cd

Quiescent current


Nominal Night Range


Available colors

Red, amber, green, blue, white

Vertical degree

10 °

Horizontal degree

360 °

Light source


LED life

≥100,000 hrs



On/off level

70/100 lux

Flashing Pattern

                         40FPM default(can be preprogrammed to a

specified flashing rate upon customer request)

Power Source

Solar module mono-crystalline sillcon

Battery type

High-efficiency Lead-Acid rechargeable battery

Battery capacity

12V/8 AH

Integrated housing

UV resistance PC 





Ambient temperature

-40℃ ~ +70℃


298mm H, 235mm Diameter


                                          5 years for light

Functions & Features
• -No cabling work.
• Ultra-light LEDs, energy saving
• Self-contained without outside power supply
• Maximum visibility distance 10 KM
• Once fully charged, it can work for up to 200 hours

.• high efficiency>85%

   - Flashing is adjustable

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