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YS50 Heliport aiming light

The aiming point marks are evenly mounted with the same space between the adjoining two. The light can giving

off a white constant light signal as the accurate landing position for helicopters so that pilots can land safely.
• Single light LED particles for illumination, coupled with patent optical lens,have a good effect of optics and a high light

transferring efficiency. Its rated power at 6W is targeted for energey saving.
• Heat dissipation and structural component are made from light aluminum alloy and idealized dissipation effect is achieved,

convenient for shipping and mouting.
• According to the LED driving features, the driving power is set as AC widevoltage input (the input voltage: AC100V-250V),

 guaranteeing a constant voltage input. a stable driving ability and a long service life.
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Effective light intensity 
Elevation angle Light intensity
30 degree 10cd
25 degree 50cd
20 degree 100cd
10 degree 100cd
3 degree 100cd
0 gedree 10cd
Illumination color White, Red, Yellow...
Illumination lifetime 100000H
Input power 100~250VAC; 24~48VDC
Frequency range(HZ) 50 ~ 60
Rated power(W) 6
Flash rate Constant illumination
IP grade IP68
Thunder prevention grade(V)
Environmental ental temperature(*C)
-40 ~ +55
Environmental humidity(%)
0 ~ 95
Anti-wind capability(M/S)
Optical lens materials
Tempered glass
Structural material
Aluminum alloy

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